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Do you have a passion for anime? Are you entranced by the shonen genre, slice of life feats, Isekai antics, or any sort of popular or obscure Japanese animation? You could be a great fit entering the writing force here at Whoa! Anime. Come write for Whoa! Anime!

We here at Whoa! Anime are always on the lookout for brand-new talent to contribute to making the website an even better place. Sound like you? Fantastic! Just reach out and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Currently, we are seeking avid anime viewers, those who struggle to keep up with the mountains of anime coming out all the time, but do their best to catch the cream of the crop. If that doesn’t sound like you, maybe you’re a casual viewer (which is totally okay!) who has way too much of a backlog to start watching anything new, but wants to start a hobby in writing about anime for an outlet to give you some reason to watch more.

We would be remiss if we didn’t bring up the one thing on everyone’s mind — this position is volunteer. We simply are not big enough for anything more than at the moment.

What do offer is a byline and an author page, something you can bring to other outlets who prefer people with teeth in the game. We also offer a lax place to interact with not just the editors, but other writers via Discord.

  • Our requirements are simple:
  • Excellent grasp of written English (grasp of the Japanese language is a plus).
  • Two (2) articles a month.
  • Able to work alone or with editors.

Still there? Reach out today to start your journey and write for Whoa! Anime! gabriel [at] whoaanime [dot] com.

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