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The Detective Is Already Dead: Austin Tindle and Xanthe Huynh headline the Engish dub

The Detective Is Already Dead


The Detective Is Already Dead: Austin Tindle and Xanthe Huynh headline the Engish dub

Funimation announced Saturday that the first episode of the English dub for The Detective Is Already Dead is coming Sunday, October 3.

The dub stars Austin Tindle as Kimizuka and Xanthe Huynh as Siesta. Tindle is best known for his roles in Tokyo Ghoul and the Magical Index series. Huynh’s credits include APPARE-RANMAN! and BNA: Brand New Animal.

Arryn Zech, better known for her role as Blake Belladonna in RWBY, plays Nagisa. Kayleigh McKee (BEASTARS, Record of Ragnarok) plays Bat. Jad Saxton (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Kaguya-sama: Love is War) plays Yui.

Tindle is also doubling as ADR director for the dub alongside Morgan Laure. The rest of the crew is as follows:

  • Assistant Director | Marcus Stone
  • ADR Engineer | Benjamin Tehrani
  • Assistant ADR Engineer | James Baker
  • Mix | Neal Malley

What is The Detective Is Already Dead?

The Detective Is Already Dead is produced by Studio ENGI and directed by Manabu Kurihara. It originally began airing on July 4, 2021, and has 12 episodes.

Show synopsis, according to MAL Rewrite:

Kimihiko Kimizuka has found himself inadvertently entangled in various crimes more times than he can remember, referring to himself as a magnet for trouble. One day, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, a group of unknown men kidnaps him, forcing him to board a flight—where he also encounters a hijacking. Amid the resulting chaos, however, Kimizuka meets a stunning silver-haired beauty, going by the codename Siesta, who then saves the day.

Claiming to be a legendary detective, Siesta enlists Kimizuka to be her sidekick. Though Kimizuka refuses at first, with Siesta’s insistence, he eventually joins her—marking the start of a grand adventure spanning the entire world, preventing multiple threats that could spell doom for humanity along the way.

Unfortunately, after three years of their unpredictable yet enjoyable time together, Siesta abruptly passes away. Distraught, Kimizuka tries to leave all memories of her behind, but as he begins to meet more people, it seems that Siesta’s influence will never truly die.

The Detective Is Already Dead is available for legal streaming through FunimationNow.

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