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Shadowverse Flame introduces new staff members, new protagonist

Shadowverse Flame


Shadowverse Flame introduces new staff members, new protagonist

The Shadowverse anime adaptation is introducing another series to the mix with Shadowverse Flame featuring a new protagonist.

Shadowverse Flame is banding together much of the same cast from its previous anime adaptation, Shadowverse. Unlike its previous iteration, though, it won’t feature Hiiro Ryūgasaki as its leading protagonist, instead shifting gears to focus on Light Tenryū.

What staff members are being replaced in Shadowverse Flame?

Fans also got a small tease with the new visuals and additions to its staff, aside from its new protagonist, Light. In terms of new staffers, Fairy Tale alum, Naotaka Hayashi, joins the team as its assistant director while Tomoko Miyakawa joins as the digi-friend designer. Quan Bin Zhong also takes the lead as the anime’s art director, taking the mantle from GunxSword art director, Kuniaki Nemoto.

Mamio Ogawa took up the art setting role, which was previously held by Nobuhito Sue and Shūhei Tada. Shinsuke Oshima has been enlisted to act as its 3D CG director, as opposed to Keisuke Kawatani and Takahiro Kamiya.

Finally, Shadowverse Flame welcomes Yuuta Nakamura and Asahito Koshiyama both as they join Shigeki Asakawa as directors of photography. Outside of those handful of staffers, the rest of the team remains the same.

Crunchyroll took it upon themselves to air the first season when it started streaming in April 2020. They haven’t revealed its premiere date.

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