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Pokémon Journeys to feature Iris in new episode

Pokémon Journeys


Pokémon Journeys to feature Iris in new episode

After seven years, fans can finally say hello to everyone’s favorite sometimes-dragon-gym-leader, Iris, again. Pokémon Journeys: The Series is bringing her back in an upcoming episode set to premiere in Japan next month, according to Comic Natalie.

The character, which hasn’t been seen since the Black & White days, which ended back in 2014, was the female travel companion to Ash while he was training to the very best in Unova.

The episode is clearly centered around her battling Ash’s Dragonite as both are a part of the World Coronation Series, but what isn’t clear if she will be a character to stick around for more than one episode or if she’ll disappear into the wind like many others.

We are getting close to the end of the series, with Netflix confirming its latest batch of episodes, which started dropping in early March, to be the final ones of the series. They seem to put out extra episodes of Pokémon Journeys quarterly.

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