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Otonanajimi manga ends next month



Otonanajimi manga ends next month

Otonanajimi is finishing its run in Cocohana’s December issue on October 28.

Shueisha’s Cocohana magazine revealed that Otonanajimi is on its last leg of its journey, which will come to an official halt in its December issue late next month.

Otonanajimi isn’t a sudden move, unlike Cells at Work! Baby, this romance-centered manga entered its climax back in July. Aya Nakahara introduced the manga into Cocohana back in early 2019 with its seventh volume earlier this month.

Nakahara isn’t likely to turn tail and run from Shueisha. She has been a contributor of manga there with her other project, Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai, found within Monthly You, another Sheuisha-branded magazine, which wrapped up in 2016.

Otonanajimi is officially making its exit on October 28.

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