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Dr. Stone takes research break as manga enters its final arc

Dr. Stone


Dr. Stone takes research break as manga enters its final arc

The authors behind Dr. Stone are taking a short break to do research ahead of the bittersweet final arc.

The next arc of Dr. Stone is a bittersweet one as it marks the grand finale arc. The bittersweet nature, however, doesn’t have to start just yet as Shonen Jump announced that Boichi and Riichirou Inagaki are taking a short break and won’t have anything to show in the next issue coming October 4.

The reason behind the break was so that the authors can do some research ahead of Dr. Stone‘s triumphant return on October 11 for Weekly Shonen Jump’s 45th issue. While that’s disappointing to some, at least it shows the dedication the two have to their craft.

Boichi and Riichirou Inagaki first started putting out Dr. Stone on Weekly Shonen Jump back in 2017 where it got quite a bit of attention, so much attention that Viz Media was publishing the manga digitally and physically. Meanwhile, MANGA Plus deals with the English translation of the manga.

No doubt, though, many know it for its anime adaptation, which saw its second season, Stone Wars, start syndication back in January and quickly announcing its third season, Age of Exploration, back in March.

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