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China slams censorship hammer on Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Tiga


China slams censorship hammer on Ultraman Tiga

The notoriously censor-happy country of China has now gone and placed anime under a microscope as it aims to crackdown on the entertainment industry as a whole. The country has since censored various children’s TV shows and even censored the late 90s staple anime, Ultraman Tiga.

The series only spanned a run-time of a year, but had a huge impact and continued on with six different spin-off movies, one of which being a direct-to-video. In a statement, the National Radio and Television Administration backed their stance to censor the anime by claiming cartoons — and in extension anime — should be “healthy and progressive” and promote “truth, good, and beauty.”

“The content of broadcasts should be healthy and progressive and should promote truth, good, and beauty in cartoons.”

They claimed that cartoons are mostly aiming for kids and that streaming services should set up a side of it that’s made entirely of kids shows, something Ultraman Tiga couldn’t make the cut for.

Read the NRTA’s full statement (translated by DeepL).

“Radio and television network audiovisual program management comrades said that support qualified Internet audiovisual program service providers in accordance with the rules, production, introduction, broadcast the content of healthy and good, promote the good and the good of the excellent cartoons, resolutely resist containing violence and gore, vulgar pornography and other undesirable plot and picture of cartoons broadcast online. Children and adolescents are the main audience group of cartoons, the Internet audio-visual program services should do a good job “children’s channel”, “Youth Zone”, to further standardize the content of the program, optimize program scheduling, for the healthy growth of young people to create a good network audio-visual space.”

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