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Cells at Work! Baby manga ends in only 2 chapters

Cells at Work! Baby


Cells at Work! Baby manga ends in only 2 chapters

The spin-off manga, Cells at Work! Baby, is slated to end its hiatus-ridden run on October 7 if no more breaks are taken.

After coming back from a lengthy hiatus lasting about half a year, Cells at Work! Baby returned earlier this month for Issue 43 of Japan’s Morning magazine. Fans of the spin-off, however, aren’t going to be pleased hearing that it’s on its last leg.

The magazine announced that Yasuhiro Fukuda’s spin-off manga is set to end, if no more breaks are taken, on Morning’s 45th issue in early October with the manga’s fourth and final compiled version releasing later that same month.

The manga was first licensed back in October 2019. Though, it did come with quite a hiatus-ridden past. Come December 2019, Fukuda took a two month hiatus. The series then went on hiatus in June 2020. After all that, Cells at Work! Baby went on another hiatus back in February, planning to return after three months. It didn’t end up that way and it only returned earlier this month on Morning’s 40th issue on September 2.

Assuming Fukuda continues working on the spin-off of Akane Shimizu’s original manga, it will halt new production on October 7 while October 21 will see the final compiled version shipped out.

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