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Black Clover acts as double-feature on Toonami

Black Clover


Black Clover acts as double-feature on Toonami

As Black Clover draws to a close, Toonami is opting to let it go out with a bang and release it as a double feature.

Black Clover is coming to an end over on Toonami and because of that, it seems the series is going out with a bang as it’s gonna be a double-feature. In the late days of last month, Toonami revealed its lineup for later this month.

While most of the programming remains intact with fans still able to enjoy the likes of Fena: Pirate Princess at midnight followed by My Hero Academia, Yashahime: Princess Half-Deman, and Food Wars!, what does come as a special event is Black Clover.

The series is slated to end with these last two episodes and it seems Toonami is jumping the gun and putting them out there back-to-back. It then appears to return to normal programming with Dr. Stone next and Dragon Ball Super capping off the announced titles.

The double-feature starring Astra and co starts at 2 AM and ends at 3 AM on October 9.

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